Get refreshed

For a refreshing taste of Wales, grab a glass of Welsh cider. Made both by small independent operations and larger-scale producers, our ciders are rapidly gaining recognition amongst those in the know. You’ll find prize-winning ciders all over the country, so here’s where to start if you want to try a few out.


Round with a hound

Here are a selection of pubs that aren't just marvellous examples of cosy Welsh boozers. They're also wonderfully dog-friendly.


Cardiff's indie food scene

Cardiff has a buzzing indie food scene that’s hiding in plain sight among the arcades, side-streets and suburbs of our capital city. It just takes a little local know-how to discover it – and Jane Cook, the award-winning blogger behind Hungry City Hippy, knows just where to look.


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A guide to Welsh brunches

Where to find some of the best brunches in Wales - from a contemporary vegan cafe to bottomless brunch in plush city surroundings